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6 Players With the Most Goals in a Major Tournament in Football’s History

The main aim and duty of strikers and attackers are scoring goals as well as creating them. While many attackers are very good at what they do, which is scoring goals, there is a select few who are not just good at scoring goals but also very good at scoring those goals at the right time or moment. Those players have delivered on big occasions by scoring many goals at major tournaments. 

  In this article, we would be taking a look at six players who have stepped up the most times on big occasions based on their number of goals at major tournaments. Although there are many major tournaments such as the Champions League, the Europa League as well as the FIFA World Cup, we would only be taking a look at international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, the European Championship, the Copa America, the African Cup of Nations, etc.



 Brazilian legend, Ronaldo De Lima is the footballer with the most goals at major tournaments as he scored 25 goals at major tournaments before retiring. The Real Madrid legend scored 15 goals in 19 FIFA World Cup appearances and 10 goals in Copa America appearances. 

  The Brazilian legend is followed by Argentine legend, Gabriel Batistuta. The legendary attacker scored 23 goals in all the major tournaments he participated in before retiring. 


Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo comes third on the list. He has scored 21 goals at major tournaments in his career. The Manchester United star stands the chance of at least surpassing Batistuta’s tally at the next World Cup, which is likely going to be his last. 


Cristiano Ronaldo has scored seven goals in the World Cup and 14 goals in the European Championship. Although he has scored seven goals in the Confederation Cup and the UEFA Nations League, both tournaments do not count as major tournaments. 

  Brazilian legend, Ademir is tied with Cristiano Ronaldo on 21 goals. Although Ademir only scored 32 goals for Brazil in his career, 13 of those goals came in Copa America while 8 came at the World Cup. 

  Three-time FIFA World Cup winner, Pelé comes fifth on the list. The football legend, who is referred to by many as the GOAT, scored 20 goals at major tournaments in his career. 


 Argentine legend, Lionel Messi rounds up the top six. The Paris Saint-Germain star has scored 19 goals at major tournaments in his career and 13 of those goals have come in Copa America while six have come at the FIFA World Cup. 

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