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After the Mike Dean’s revelations, can we now admit that some referees are corrupt

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After the revelation regarding Mike Dean, can we now say that those of us who said that some referees were corrupt, have been proved correct?

Let’s just reflect on what Dean admitted doing when he was the elected referee for VAR decisions.

He said that, although he clearly saw a hair pulling incident (violent play – immediate red card) he decided he would not notify the match referee.


Because Dean thought that the match referee (“his friend “) had had a tough enough game and he wanted to “protect” him from any further confrontational decisions – that, in essence, is what he admitted.

Let’s just think about that for a second and ask these questions:

  1. Was it a human error?
  2. Was Dean a rookie referee?
  3. Was it within the rules of the game?

The answers to the above have to be NO!!

That was confirmed when PGMOL rushed out a statement condemning Dean and his actions, but why wasn’t he condemned after the game?

Is there no check after a match, no sitting down as a group analysing, questioning and punishing such corrupt behaviour?

Obviously not… why not?

As a club, we have been on the wrong end of many of Dean’s decisions, which led many fans to challenge the PGMOL for being so secretive and not subject to the same scrutiny as clubs, managers and players… only to be told by some that ‘those decisions even themselves out’, or ‘referees are only human’, or that’ they were simply poor referees’

But here’s the sucker punch for all football fans – PGMOL have not learnt any lessons, not become transparent, or ensured that people like Dean never have the chance to corrupt our game again.

How do I know that?

They have reemployed Lee Mason!!! The guy who failed to do the basic VAR check, drawing lines to see if there was an offside situation in the Arsenal vs Brentford match.

He was sacked within days and PGMOL issued yet another apology.

So where is accountability, the explanation, the transparency and the punishment?

It’s time for the PGMOL to agree on the following, regarding their referees:

  1. Answerable by interview.
  2. Interviewed after the game.
  3. Miked up during the game so fans can hear their reasons for decisions.
  4. Permanently banned when incidents such as those of Dean and Mason emerge.

Now I’m sure there will be the usual cries of “what about this or that” or ‘decisions even themselves out’ over the season, but that does not hold water after Dean’s statement and the Mason re-employment.

If the PL referees actually refereed as those lower league referees are instructed to do, things might just improve.


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