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Betting Tips: The Steps on How to Predict a Football Game correctly

Below are ways to enable you predict matches and win big in betting:

1) Checking the team history and results they produce when they meet.

First to be able to predict a game, check the history of the two teams playing. If the two teams have produced more draws in their last meeting than wins, then simply it is a draw but if it is more wins, give it a straight win.

2) Check the Kind of match being played.

That is check if it is a Derby, cup tournament or a friendly match. Most derby games are difficult to predicted but they always produced over 3.5 goals. For sure tips text number above profile. Like last weekend two derbies between Arsenal vs Tottenham and Manchester United vs Manchester City all produced more than 3 goals.


3) For Jackpots check position of the two teams in their league and performance of the two teams against other teams in their league. This helps understand the strongest team and the one in good form.

4) Check the available squad and number of goals produced by the two teams when they meet for tips text Smart Boss in telegram or the number in profile. If the squad of one team has a lot of injuries, this may affect the results of the game.

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