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Caitlin Foord’s Matilda’s ready for France “We can beat anyone” in Women’s World Cup

Caitlin Foord’s Matilda’s ready for France “We can beat anyone” in Women’s World Cup by Michelle


Arsenal Women’s Australian duo Caitlin Foord & Steph Catley, alongside their Matilda’s teammates are set to face France on Saturday in the Women’s World Cup quarter-finals, after thrashing Denmark 2-0 in the round of 16.

Arsenal’s Caitlin Foord, has played a big role in the Matilda’s World Cup run, alongside her Arsenal teammate, who has captained the Matilda’s, in the absence of Sam Kerr. Foord, who was one of the scorers in the Denmark win, has been speaking about how it feels to feature in the World Cup on home turf and why she feels they may have what it takes to end up as World Champions come August 20th. The 28-year-old says during their World Cup run, they’ve felt the support growing, and she says as a team, they are not pressured; instead, they are just enjoying themselves and trying to raise their levels to go all the way.

“The whole country is behind us, and we do feel it; we do see it,” said Foord. “If we play like this (like how quick they were versus Denmark), we can beat anyone.”

“I think you feel pressure when you’re not prepared,” she added. “And we feel prepared. We feel like we’re ready for any scenario, every match. I don’t think we feel any pressure; we are just enjoying our performances and building on that. We know we have to take it up another level if we want to go all the way.”

Besides the surprising group game loss to Nigeria, Australia has won its other battles. With their star player Sam Kerr back from injury, you can bet on them to have a say in this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup results, with giants like the US and Germany already, surprisingly, exiting the tournament early.

Do you think our Aussie Gunners can go all the way? We have Gunners in every one of the quarter-final matches – COYGW!!

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