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Dan’s EPL Predictions WK2 – Arsenal’s first banana skin?

Forest 3-0 Sheffield United


As I expected, plenty of effort but a lack of quality from Sheffield United on the opening weekend. They simply look like a Championship side who would love to be able to make half of the same investment Forest made when they were promoted.

It’s been a debate among Gooners that we ‘only’ beat Forest 2-1!

I must have been watching something different because I didn’t see anything special from Steve Cooper’s team.

They simply parked the bus and Arsenal were able to play in second gear waiting for the opposition to show any ambition.

They had one moment on the break where Elanga showed pace …. That was it.

This though is a nice first home fixture, a packed City Ground, under the flood lights against newcomers to the division.

Fulham 1-1 Brentford

It was smash and grab for Fulham at Goodison with a gritty performance you don’t associate with the Cottagers.

It’s more impressive when you consider their star striker Mitrovic didn’t start due to wanting to leave (not that anyone will admit that) and asked to be subbed 5 mins after coming on.

As expected, without Toney, Brentford found a way to still get a result.

Liverpool 3-1 Cherries

Liverpool can’t get a DM and clubs know they are increasingly desperate so are asking over the odds.

They might be short in midfield but on their day their attack can hurt anyone.

The Cherries conceded 9 goals 12 months ago at Anfield prompting Parker to be sacked days later after questioning how prepared his squad was for this level?

They will play more openly this time which could lead to another big defeat.

Maybe I’m being generous here?

Wolves 0-1 Brighton

So, you can view Monday night two ways.

Who envisaged Wolves playing that well given everything that’s gone on off the pitch?

They play like that for their next 37 league games they stay up easily.

Equally, how often last season did we mention Wolves having zero fire power in the final third?

The same to happen again?

Spurs 1-2 Man United

So, it was my first chance to give my thoughts on Kane leaving the Spurs.

First, the arrogance in this country to not see anything not the Prem is embarrassing.

The English captain has been accused of wasting his potential by joining a team who always win the Bundesliga.

A reminder, he’s spent his entire career playing it safe at a club where he doesn’t win anything!

So why not play in a beautiful city, being well paid, compete in Europe and pick up the odd medal?

With his final chance to get any value on an asset, I think this is the best Daniel Levy could have done in a hard situation.

He waited as long as he could to take the money and at least hasn’t sold to a top 6 rival.

United to win, but they have to be better than they were on Monday.

I do like the look of the Bayern shirt and might buy one ….  I wonder whose name to get on the back.

Man City 2-1 Newcastle

Anyone else deflated from last Friday when the champions won 3-0 away without playing well?

It felt like Haaland scored with only two touches.

He remains the difference, no one else in the division has what he offers.

Apart from him, KDB is perhaps the only other talent they have who they can’t replace, so his injury does offer hope for the rest.

What I don’t agree with is Pep Guardiola’s suggestion that his team are under any kind of disadvantage that they have to play the Super Cup on Wednesday followed by a Saturday evening kick off.

The 20 Prem clubs share a TV contract nationally and overseas worth billions!

Part of that deal is broadcasters get to pick what time you play.

America, Asia, Middle East, etc, will often pick times that suit their peak audience.

Managers who don’t like that blame their employers for agreeing to those terms.

Oh ….and if player welfare is your priority …. walk into the owner’s office and refuse to go on tour to Japan!

West Ham 0-2 Chelsea

You have got to understand how many months it’s been since Chelsea produced any kind of performance their fans could be proud of. That’s why last Sunday’s draw was seen as a positive.

If they end up with Caicedo and Lavia, there is no reason why they can’t compete for a place in the Champions League

Villa 3-1 Everton

Both had strange results last Saturday.

Everton actually didn’t struggle to make chances as much as I thought, they just don’t have a senior striker you can rely on.

Villa’ s game on Tyneside was never a 5-1 defeat, they just made too many individual mistakes.

Emery is street wise enough to know that was one bad day and not let it impact his side long term.

Palace 2-1 Arsenal

So, the reaction by some to ‘only’ beating Forest 2-1 is exactly why I fear a title bid might not materialize and why Monday’s game becomes banana skin.

Last season the Gunners could go to Selhurst Park under the radar with not much expectation.

Now there’s a spotlight on our young squad so much that even victories are being criticized because it should by a bigger margin.

Arsenal is not a good enough team to be taking any team lightly and once Gooners start doing that there’s a danger players start to think they are better than they are.

Also, history shows that this youthful group doesn’t handle pressure very well and I maintain we don’t have enough leaders to help.


Our first Table tomorrow

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