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Declan Rice slams Jude Bellingham for disrespecting Arsenal teammate

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In the lead-up to the highly anticipated release of EA Sports FC 24, Arsenal’s midfield star Declan Rice and Real Madrid’s emerging talent Jude Bellingham joined forces with Marcus Rashford and James Maddison for a light-hearted game of guessing the in-game stats of England players.


The impending launch of the new video game has sparked a frenzy of debates and discussions surrounding player ratings and individual attributes on social media in recent days.

This engaging interaction was captured on England’s official YouTube channel, where the banter was lively and the camaraderie among the players evident. Rice couldn’t resist a playful jab at Bellingham during the game, suggesting that something he said about Bukayo Saka was “disrespectful.”

The discussion naturally gravitated towards the wealth of talent within the England squad. Rice, in particular, received accolades, being hailed as one of the premier defensive midfielders globally. On the other hand, Bellingham was lauded as arguably the best player in his age group worldwide. 

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The conversation also celebrated the exceptional rise of Bukayo Saka, who has made significant contributions to both Arsenal and the England national team in recent years.

During the guessing game, Maddison posed a challenge to his fellow England teammates by describing a player with stats of “74 physical and 78 passing.” Bellingham, displaying his confidence, promptly offered his guess, asserting, “I think that’s Bukayo Saka.”

However, much to everyone’s amusement, Maddison revealed that Bellingham’s answer was incorrect. Rice couldn’t resist chiming in, coming to the defense of Saka, stating, “That’s disrespect to Saks!”

As per Futbin, Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka is assigned an 86 overall rating this year. His in-game attributes include 85 pace, 81 shooting, 87 dribbling, and a passing rating of 79. However, some may argue that his physicality, rated at 70, might be a tad harsh for the dynamic young talent.

While Bellingham’s guess wasn’t far off, Rice’s playful admonishment underscores the sentiment shared by many Arsenal fans – that any underestimation of Saka’s abilities can be perceived as a lack of respect.

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