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Kasovare Asllani signs for AC Milan from Real Madrid

Kosovare Asllani has declared that she’s joined AC Milan on a free transfer subsequent to leaving Real Madrid following the lapse of her contract.

Asllani enjoyed three seasons with the All Whites — each very not the same as the other. In 2019/20, she turned into the club’s most memorable Galáctica and helped keep the group above water before they turned out to be authoritatively known as Real Madrid. Then, at that point, she had her marquee crusade with the side, scoring 16 league goals and driving Madrid to second place in Primera Iberdrola.

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Her final season was marred by repeated injuries; she ended up making 17 appearances in the league, but only 10 were starts. For this, Asllani laid some of the blame at Madrid’s coaching staff, accusing them of cultivating a dangerous working environment. This led to an unexpectedly acrimonious end to her time with Las Blancas, but it has not hurt her standing with the majority of the fanbase, who still see her as a legend.

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