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Liverpool sign Amara Nallo from Westham – EPLheadlines

Done deal: Following an agreement with West Ham United, Liverpool signs Amara Nallo to a five-year contract. West Ham’s Amara Nallo, a 16-year-old defender, has joined Liverpool on a five-year contract after turning down a contract offer to remain in East London, according to a dependable Hammers insider.

The Hammers are reportedly upset that Nallo left them because they felt he had a “bright future” at the London Stadium. It’s understandable that West Ham supporters may not be too familiar with the young center back, but the team’s development staff had big expectations for Nallo.

Nallo participated twice in the Hammers’ Under-18 Premier League despite just being 15 when he started the previous season.Nallo, a left-footed defender, made one of those outings when he was 15 years old, starting a 3-1 loss against Chelsea’s Under-18s. When he reaches 17 in November, Nallo will be qualified to sign a professional deal with West Ham. The Londoners, though, have been outwitted.


Nallo has been connected to Liverpool for a few weeks now; on August 2, advanced conversations regarding a transfer were held. It’s difficult to understand why Nallo moved to Liverpool at this time, as there is probably a more difficult path to their first team roster than there is at West Ham.

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