The Newly Promoted and Relegated Teams in the German Bundesliga League For The 2022/23 Season

The Newly Promoted and Relegated Teams in the German Bundesliga League For The 2022/23 Season

After the end of the 2021/22 bundsliga campaign season, 2 teams were relegated to 2.Bundesliga while 2 teams were promoted to the 1.Bundesliga.

Before the end of this article, we will list out the names of the relegated and promoted teams to the 2.Bundesliga and 1.Bundesliga respectively.

After the end of the 2021/22 season, Bayern Munich won the league trophy making it the 10th Bundesliga trophy in a roll.


Greutha Furth and Arminia Bielefeld got relegated from the 1.Bundesliga to the 2.Bundesliga while FC Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen got promoted to the 1,Bundesliga from the 2.Buundesliga.

Below are the Newly Promoted and Relegated Teams in the German Bundesliga League For The 2022/23 Season

Relegated Teams

1.Greutha Furth

Greutha Furth made their second-ever Bundesliga appearance this year,2022 with their first apperance in the 1.Bundesliga coming briefly in the 2012-13 season. They finished in last place then, too, spending eight seasons in 2. Bundesliga before they gained promotion again. They were only able to put together three wins this season with just 18 points, as the whole team only scored 28 goals throughout the season. Branimir Hrgota led the team with nine of those goals, adding five assists through 34 games.

2.Arminia Belefeld

Arminia Belefeld played in the 1.Bundesliga for two consecutive seasons before being relegated to the 2.Bundesliga this season.They spent 11 seasons in the lower division, since their last appearance in Bundesliga before their current stint was in 2008-09. They fared only slightly better than Furth in this campaign, finishing in 17th place, with five wins and 28 points. However, they scored a league-worst 27 goals as Masaya Okugawa led the team with nine. He added two assists, but was outdone by Patrick Wimmer who tallied eight assists on the season.

Promoted Teams

1.FC Schalke 04

It is unbelieving that a club like FC Schalke 04 who won 7 Bundesliga titles and five DFB-Pokals can be relegated. They played in a European semifinal as recently as 2011 and finished second in the Bundesliga in 2018. And yet here they were. In the second division. Ultimately it came down to Schalke just playing bad soccer, but it was terrible ownership, poor coaching decisions and bad transfers that really doomed die Königsblauen.

2.Werder Bremen

Another massive club, Werder Bremen went into the 2020-21 season knowing exactly how bad things could get if they weren’t careful. They had survived the previous season by the skin of their teeth through the Bundesliga relegation playoffs. After finishing third from last in the Bundesliga, Bremen had to play FC Heidenheim. Heidenheim finished third in the second division and the two teams played two legs to determine who would play in the Bundesliga the following season.

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