Top 10 crazy footballers in the world

In this piece of writing we will outline top 10 footballers who have caused crazy incidents on and off the pitch.

ThE list of Footballers who have caused crazy incidents on and off the pitch is to long to be mentioned, we will outline 10 for brevity.

Below are the lists of the top 10 crazy footballers in the world

Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn for years was know to be the best goalkeeper in the world 🌎,but the main thing that springs to mind when his name is mentioned is the moment he lost his head


Joey Barton

He Was banned from football for 18 months for flouting betting rules, the midfielder was sentenced to prison for assault and affray and served 77days inside the prison. Joey Barton also once stubbed out a cigar in a youth team player’s eyes when he was at Manchester City.

Rene Higuita

The original crazy footballer, unlike some of the others on this list Higuita invented his own unique style of football. Not only did he invent the scorpion kick but his ability to start an attack with the ball at his feet will go down in history.

Mario Balotelli

When we hear of Crazy Footballers who comes to our mind first is Balotelli. What is there to say about Mario Balotelli? From setting off fireworks in his bathroom to throwing darts at youth team players, the Italian is a man of many controversies.

Ricardo Centurión

Fights in nightclubs and a passion for a cigarette, Centurión was born a rebel and will always remain one. He famously threatened to retire if he didn’t play at the Bombonera and has experienced disciplinary problems wherever he has played.


The Portuguese centre-back simply had to be on this list. Not just for famously booting Casquero several times whilst he was on the ground but for his regular displays of over-aggressiveness.

Paul Gascoigne

One of the greatest players England has ever produced who has sadly fallen into a life of addiction. He allegedly once took an ostrich to training.

Eric Cantona

Crazy? Yes. Special? Certainly. Cantona is perhaps most famous for kung-fu kicking a Crystal Palace fan but on the pitch he was a pleasure to watch and is considered one of the most talented players of the Premier League era.

Roy Keane

Perhaps the most aggressive footballer in history. The midfielder was undoubtedly a fine leader and a fine footballer but when he saw red you knew about it.

Stefan Effenberg

The German famously left his wife Martina and revealed an affair with Claudia Strunz, the wife of former team mate Thomas Strunz. He used his autobiography to criticize former team-mates, including Lothar Mathaus and in 2002 he also claimed that unemployed people in Germany were too lazy to look for work, and demanded they took benefit cuts.

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