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Top 10 Highest paid football cup in the world 2023

There is one universal and curious question among football fans: Which cup is the highest paid in football? Is it the World Cup, or Champions League trophy, or maybe something else? In this article, we will talk about significant football trophies and their worth. You will learn about the awards that the players receive for winning the most important tournaments of football, and about the highest paid cup in football that every player dreams of winning. Top 10 Highest paid football cup in the world 2023

11. Premier League Golden Glove

This trophy is a special award exclusively for goalkeepers. It is presented to the goalkeeper of the English Premier League who had the biggest amount of clean sheets in the season (a clean sheet is when a goalkeeper concedes zero goals in a match).

The Golden Ball, Glove and Boot are awarded separately at the World Cup competition. The goalkeeper who gets this award becomes typically one of the most wanted footballers in Europe, with every significant club wanting to get him. Above was the list of the most valuable and expensive football awards! Every player should aim for at least one of them, and those players who have won one or more of these awards are highly respected. We hope that you enjoyed a little insight into the highest paid cups and prizes.


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9. Ballon d’Or

. Ballon d’Or is the most famous award that the player can get for having a fantastic year. It is presented every year by France Football. Except for the Ballon d’Or, which is the most intriguing one, the ceremony also includes giving out other awards, such as the most beautiful goal and the team of the year.

Ballon d’Or award is a golden ball, which is handed to the player for special achievements. The ball’s dimensions are 31 cm in height and 23 cm in width and depth. The player’s name is engraved there after the ceremony is over. The exact value of this ball is unknown, but there have been reports about the famous Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo selling his ball for £600,000, with the money going to the charity organization “Make a Wish”, which helps children with illnesses fulfill their dreams.

8. Deutsche Meisterschale

The most prestigious German football award is given annually to the winning team of Bundesliga, German professional league. The Meisterschale, which is also often called “salad bowl” due to its shape, has evolved from the previous trophy “Viktoria”, which disappeared during the World War II. This trophy has all the championship winners engraved on it. Usually, the winning teams have a smaller copy of this cup for their museum. This was allowed by the German football association in the 1980s. The current champion of Bundesliga, Bayern Munich, has 27 titles in total, being the most titled club in Germany. In 2016/17 season, they received a generous €41,100,000 for their victory, as states.

7. Coppa Campioni D’Italia

This cone-shaped award made of gold is given to the team which wins the biggest Italian championship, Serie A. The cup was first established in 1960. Its height is 45 cm, and its weight equals 5 kg. It stands on a base made of royal blue sodalite and also has a golden ring around it with the athletic engravings. The price of the cup is estimated to be €60,000. The golden base of the trophy has all the names of the winning teams since 1960/1961 season engraved on it, to remember their achievements. The original trophy is held every year by the winning team, which later returns it to the Lega Serie A. The winner, however, receives the replica of the trophy in the reduced size to demonstrate it in their trophy room.

6. La Liga cup

The Spanish Premier League is called La Liga, and it contains such giants of the world football as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid, as well as many other successful teams. The competition for winning the La Liga trophy is huge. The current champions of 2018 are Barcelona, but the holder of the most titles is Real Madrid, with the number of 33. In 2016, the brand new version of La Liga cup was introduced to the public. It was slightly tweaked comparing to the original. Except for the cup, the winners of La Liga annually receive the prize money for their victory. For example, in 2018, Barcelona earned €150,000,000 for their win.

5. Copa America

It is one of the oldest competitions in the world. Usually, the participants of Copa America are the South American countries, but starting in the 1990s, the tournament accepted the national teams from North America and Asia. The winner of Copa America receives the trophy, which has a vibrant history. It was originally purchased from one of the Buenos Aires jewelry stores in 1916, for the price of 3,000 Swiss francs. The newest edition of this trophy was introduced in 2016, for the 100th anniversary of the tournament, and called “Copa America Centenario”. It is covered in the 24-carat gold and weighs 7.1 kg. The cup is also 61 cm tall and has the engravings of CONCACAF and CONMEBOL emblems. According to, the special Centenario edition winners have earned $6.6 million. The winners were Chile, and it was their second title. As for the most successful team in the history of the tournament, it is Uruguay, who have won 15 titles.

4. UEFA Champions League trophy

This cup is given to the club after the victory in the most prestigious European football competition, UEFA Champions League. The trophy is called European Cup, and in the past, before gaining the official name UEFA Champions League, the competition used to share the title with the award. The original cup is now owned by the club Real Madrid, for having the most wins in the tournament. They received this honor in 1967. By the way, Real Madrid still holds the record for the most wins, with 13 Champions League victories, and they are also the 2018 winner of the competition.

The clubs are now allowed to keep the trophy when they have won either five titles of European Champions, or have managed to win the title three times in a row. Afterward, the count went back to zero. If the club’s victory was not their fifth or third consecutive, then they were allowed to hold the real trophy in their museum for ten months after the win, and later they received the replicated version of the cup. Since 2009, the rules changed, so UEFA now keeps the real trophy all the time, but every club that wins receives the replica of full size and the club name engraving. The European cup is often jokingly called “the cup with big ears”. It is made of silver. It weighs 7.5 kg, so the captain of the winning team needs to be strong to lift it above his head. At the moment of its creation, the trophy cost 10,000 Swiss francs. The current price of it is unknown, but we can assume that if it is made of silver, it is quite expensive. In 2022, the current winners Real Madrid received the $102 million for their victory, according to However, the money came not just from the final victory, but also their various endorsement deals.

3. FA Community Shield

It is a Super Cup-style match, which is scheduled annually between the winner of Premier League this year, and the current holder of FA Cup. This match takes place at the famous Wembley stadium. In case the Premier League and FA Cup have the same winner, then they have to play against the Premier League runner-up. This competition is dominated by Manchester clubs: the current champion is Manchester City, while the club with the largest amount of wins is Manchester United.

Usually, this is considered a minor trophy and is not so crucial to the English clubs as Premier League and FA Cup, but it still has a generous bonus for the club. According to, the winners of 2018, Manchester City FC, and the runners-up, Chelsea FC, took home £25,000. However, this cup, which was called Charity Shield in the past before being renamed, is charity-driven. This means that a large number of earnings was given away to various charity organizations.

2. Football Association Challenge Cup

It is the cup awarded to the English teams, who compete within their country. Every year, the best English teams compete between themselves to receive the FA Cup. The current holders of this trophy are Chelsea FC, who defeated Manchester United in the final of this competition in 2018. The team which has received this title the most times is Arsenal: they managed to win the FA Cup 13 times.

The winning club receives the trophy as a loan. The club has to hold the cup before handing it over to the next winner. The newest 2014 version of the trophy is made of sterling 925 silver and weighs 14 lb. The winners also receive the medals as an addition to the cup.

1. FIFA World Cup trophy

The World Cup’s importance is supported by the fact that it only takes place once in four years, and this is why every team is trying so hard to get closer and closer to the finals and secure the victory. The selections for the World Cup are extremely tough, which makes the win feel even more deserved and valued. This competition only includes the best teams, which have qualified to the final part as a result of the tough qualification stage. The last World Cup was held in 2018 in Russia, and the French team became the world champions.

FIFA World Cup trophy is made of 18-carat gold. It also has the bands of another precious stone – malachite. According to the website and its research, this trophy is estimated to cost $20 million, and the footballers from France took home $38 million after defeating Croatia in the final. However, even though the Croatian team lost, they also got a very generous money compensation for reaching the final stage – $28 million.

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