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Who should start in Arsenal’s opener against Forest? Ramsdale or Raya?

Starting Arsenal’s Season: Ramsdale or Raya?


As the completion of David Raya’s transfer to Arsenal appears imminent, the question of his potential role in the opening game of the season against Nottingham Forest becomes a talking point. The decision between the current Arsenal number 1, Aaron Ramsdale, and the probable future number 1, Raya, carries weighty implications.

In this scenario, if handed the choice, my inclination would be to start with Ramsdale. The England international showcased a commendable performance throughout the preseason, culminating in a standout display against Manchester City in the Community Shield.

This has solidified his preparedness — both mentally and physically — for leading the Gunners in their first Premier League encounter.

Contrastingly, Raya’s summer has been marked by swirling speculations about his destination, ranging from Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea to Bayern Munich, finally settling on Arsenal. This ongoing uncertainty might have impacted his focus during preseason training, which is pivotal for seamless integration into a new squad.

Ramsdale seems ready for the battle that lies ahead of him

Furthermore, Raya’s transfer to Arsenal remains pending, leaving him with minimal time for essential preparatory aspects. As the matchday approaches, the Spaniard’s delay in undergoing medical evaluations, fulfilling media obligations, and training with his new teammates could potentially hinder his readiness.

Hence, it seems likely that Ramsdale would get the nod for the season opener. However, if circumstances unexpectedly align and Raya starts in his new Arsenal colors, it will underscore Arteta’s high regard for the goalkeeper, potentially placing Ramsdale in an uphill battle to regain his starting position.

Ultimately, the decision will hinge on Arteta’s assessment of each player’s current state and long-term potential, adding an extra layer of anticipation to Arsenal’s season kickoff.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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